grinding discs and flap discs
LEMAN cut off wheels,cutting disc china
Decades of experience in abrasive,we make a famous brand globally for our power tool accessaries.
LEMAN grinding wheels,grinding discs
With flat or depressed center,it is very good at polishing metal,stone,and other building materials.The elements in wheels varies according to different application,and all ensure a very good performance.
LEMAN flap discs,flap wheels,flap disc China
Zirconium,resin and fibre glass.Aluminium oxide,resin and fibre glass.It can be applied to polish metal,stainless steel,and etc.
LEMAN diamond discs,diamond blades,diamond cutting discs
Variable applications as well as shape and finishing art.It is broadly used on concrete,stone,brick, reinforced concrete,tile,marble,granite,and etc.

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