grinding discs and flap discs

About Us

Manufacturing unit of cutting / grinding discs and flap discs for LEMAN in China was founded in the earliest 1990’s. Since then, and thanks to continuous investments and reliable partners, our market shares world widely have kept on increasing. By selling to each continent, to power tools manufacturers, industrial wholesalers, professional markets and DIY chain stores we understand every user needs.

Strong but flexible, every single client is important to us no matter of size and volume. Able to create on demand products quickly, we are please to produce client’s brand names. With a sales team working closely to the production management, and trained on regular basis to understand clients’ requirements and technical challenges we are able to answer you quickly and accurately.By promoting our production though international exhibitions, we aim to develop our clients’ network.

Quality :

• Indeed our discs are manufactured under EN standards and ISO management! This is our basis! More than that, we import testing materials such as : angle steel bars, I-beam bars, tiles & stones/concrete, stainless steel bars to use the same materials as our clients. Our machines? High power Hitachi machines – the most powerful ones.

• For more information, please refer to the “quality space” on this website.

Marketing :

• OEM => very low minimum of order to produce your own brand with only 5000pces.

Merchandising :

• displays and catalogues to push your sales, and support your sales representative available on request.

• Labels French designer => experienced designers for tools & hardware will create together with you the best labels.

When Chinese prices meet European standards of quality - performances and service!


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